Laura and Amber Benson (Tara on "Buffy") keynote speaker at PPWC 2013, sharing some dirty hometown Birmingham


Laura and her Rose-Colored Ink critique group


Laura and Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) at Star Trek Las Vegas 2011

Laura and Carly Phillips, emcee
for the 2007
RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony


Laura and the Boys

PPWC 2007 - April 22

Left to right:

SWAT officer Jeff Santelli (Douglas County, CO), Laura, author Robert Crais, and SWAT officer Micah Richardson (Dillon, CO)

Laura & Elvis Cole a.k.a. Robert Crais

    Laura and the Friday night kickoff speaker, Rupert Holmes

    PPWC 2005
    April 23

    Other Pictures:

    Laura reading 
    her first book
    at age 3
    Laura, working
    at a coal mine, 
    the first female
    engineer in
    Alabama to work
    July 1978
    Laura in the command chair
    of the U.S.S Defiant
    March 1997

















































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