by Laura Kenner
Harlequin Intrigue May 1998
ISBN: 0373224656

Twenty-six years ago, Matthew Childs witnessed the brutal murder of his father.  Now another murder has occurred and another child shivers in the darkness, a witness to unspeakable violence.  Only one man can break through the walls that insulate the child from the memories of violence and the truth.  But at what price to him? 

by Laura Kenner
Harlequin Intrigue 
ISBN: 0786001097

Simple case.  Flirt with the client and see if she falls for the bait.  Sarah Hardaway didn't, and private investigator, Will Riggs reports that to her fiancee, Raymond. But when Sara learns of the ruse, she explodes!  She decides the best revenge is to test her now ex-fiance and show him how much it hurts to be doubted. She hires Will to send out his best operative, to test Raymond with some calculated enticement. But something goes wrong. And the next morning, Raymond is on the run.  And there's a dead woman in his bed.

by Laura Kenner
Harlequin Intrigue March 1995
ISBN: 0373223137

He appeared on her doorstep on a moonless night, snowy night. He said he didn't know who he was or how he'd gotten there.  Alone in the Rocky Mountains, Ellen Coster knew it wasn't happenstance that brought  the sexy stranger to her.  Ellen was hiding from a man, and "Jack Doe" could be him. He had scars that could have altered his face and he had memories that belonged to her. When he stepped over her threshold and into her life, she knew this was no place to discover love. Or death. 

by Laura Kenner
Harlequin Intrigue Feb 1994
ISBN: 0373222637

Lily Bradley was a dead woman.  Or so everyone thought.  As heir apparent to a prosperous pharmaceutical kingdom, there are plenty of people who might benefit if she "buys the farm." But which one forces her car off the road and leaves her for dead? 

Sam Markstrom becomes an unwitting hero when he pulls Lily from the clutches of death. He becomes her eyes and ears as he attends her funeral, infiltrates her company and pores over his findings with her. How long will it be before the killer discovers the truth and rectifies the error?




















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